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Richmond Lidar

I made a map of downtown Richmond from lidar data before, but I decided that I want to make a large rendering of the data to potentially use as a basemap for future projects.

Around the World in 80 Days

I’ve posted before about how I’ve been experimenting with using python to make letter mosaics – essentially replacing the pixels of a picture with varying colors of characters in a set of text to create a mosaic.  I’ve made a few beekeeping posters using the text from Langstroth’s book and a handful of other designs, …

Playing With 3D

This spring at GeoCon, I went to several talks about 3D visualization. 3D data isn’t just useful for elevation-based analysis – it can make really cool looking maps. Since then I’ve been experimenting with 3D data…

Interactive Boat Map

This month’s map is a little different. Rather than sharing a finished map, I’m sharing a proof of concept. This map is based on the idea of a turn-based pirate game with vector-based movement.

Westlake Hills Map

View Full Size So I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my map per month goal (it seems that getting married and keeping up with new house work eats into hobby time), but I now finally have this map of my neighborhood to share. Kari doesn’t really understand why such a map should …